I always seem to get migraines when the seasons change. I have no
idea why. Its just one of those things.

Saturday afternoon I got a really bad one. So bad I would have taken
Imitrex if I had any in the house and I hate the way that stuff makes
me feel.

It was one of my worst ones ever. Nausea, light sensitivity, sound
sensitivity, terrible. I took way too much ambien and fell asleep
early. This morning I felt better than I did feel but I still have a

I didn’t go to my in-laws for dinner, or do anything- except the
grocery and a load of laundry.

I am so very glad that my head does not hurt as bad as yesterday.

My mother had a friend who died of brain cancer. I always think of her
when I get bad migranes as that is how it started for her.


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  1. Not that this has anything to do with anything but I like the pixies in your icon. Speak, hear, see no evil. Very interesting.Here is some yoga advice on how to possibly avoid migraines. As you know, I rely tremendously on yoga to help me live with my vertigo. It isn't a cure but it has elevated my standard of living so that I no longer have to use a walker:http://www.yogajournal.com/practice/974Also, there are probably some videos for qigong exercises you can try. A quick google search may come up with something useful. If you would like some Reiki, please do not hesitate to ask. I can only imagine how hard it is to be in pain and dealing with a little one at the same time. I wish you well and only the best.

  2. Thanks. We will look at that webpage tomorrow. We have always meant to get back to yoga and haven't. This would be the perfect time. Actually we may take you up on the offer of Reiki. Let us see how tomorrow goes first.

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