We finally joined a gym. We have been talking about it with Kim for awhile now, shortly after Troy was born perhaps.  It has taken us this long to find one we thought would be okay for us. The Y was too expensive, the city has a rec center that has classes but they are pricey and a class feels sort of self conscious to us. Then we found out that the plaza Marsh is in was getting a Planet Fitness.  It is right down the road, about a 5 minute walk. It couldn’t be any more perfect. We have been saying we were going to join for a few weeks. We finally did it on friday.  We walked to Marsh and on spur of the moment just joined. It is 16$ a month comes straight from our account.  There is no commitment, which is nice. 

Today we went for the first time. It was nice. A few of us have been to a gym before and didn’t really like it.  There were always lots of very fit people, which we didn’t feel comfortable around even when we were thin, just an uncomfortable environment.

This was different today.  There were mostly overweight people. It was a relaxed environment and no really thin super fit people.  We did mostly cardio today.  The elliptical, the bike, stomach, oh and inner/outer thighs.  We felt really good when we got home. Energized, like we accomplished something.

Troy has been so fussy we have been so stressed. I guess between his teething, our migraine (2 day long), and now N is sick.  Kim watched Troy this morning so we could work out. It was just what we needed. I (ellie) didn’t realize that exercise is what I needed.  Turns out I need exercise to stay sane! Not a bad thing at all! 

I am aware from others inside that we have to be careful as addiction to exercise can be an issue for us. But I am aware, and that is a good start. 

I hope to go 3 days a week at first and work up to 5-6 cardio and 2-3 for strength.  They have a class sort of thing where they help you make a program to accomplish your goals. I am going to that tomorrow night.  I don’t want to say my goal is to loose weight, even though I guess it is.  I want to be healthier. 

I took my measurements today too. So we can track how we do as we go along. We compared them to measurements we took back in April. We have lost inches for sure, in some areas much more than others but inches are inches right?

Weight wise we are doing okay I guess. It is slow but I think maybe that makes it healthier?  We do struggle some days so that is part why the weight is coming off so slowly. At any rate we are down- 12 pounds total.  I’d like to loose at least 40 more, but 12 is a great start!  Wish we knew our prepregnancy weight but we can’t remember what it is.  We asked Nathan if he knew and he said he didn’t pay attention to it.  Seemed like a bad thing to take note of too him. We had to agree with that! 



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  1. I love it when the significant people don't really notice. My ex-husband never minded my weight and I see the same quality in my son with his wife. Rob doesn't notice. Hmmm . . . no, he notices because he knows it bothers me so he supports me in my seemingly endless efforts to drop the weight I gained when I spent nearly a year in bed because of the vertigo. Anyway, I hope you find a healthy balance of exercise and weight loss, that you feel safe doing it, and that you above all else feel stronger for your choices.

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