Patches Thankful friday


I am thankful this week-

Finally getting the bushes ripped out in front of the house. It was a
lot of work but it looks great.

Realizing that we miss Troy when he is gone. Somedays we feel so
strongly that we need time away from him. Then feel so bad about that.

Planet fitness. Finally we found a gym we don’t feel horrid going to.

13 pounds gone as well as at least 4 inches! It sure takes longer to
do in a healthy manner but its worth it, and its working.

Carolyn- after years of searching and countless therapists, we FINALLY
found a perfect fit for us.

Knowing we can go in tomorrow and talk to carolkyn about all the
spirits we are seeing (its an old neighborhood) and know she won’t
think us insane. We need advice on how to not be flooded by spirits
all the time.

Cozy warm blankets-no explanation needed.

Medicine- without ours we are in serious danger of not being safe mentally.

Looking at mallows picture and smiling instead of crying.

Finding joy in cross-stitch once again.

Each and every day, hour and moment that we do not engage in self injury.

Auggie-our cat- sleeping where Mallow once did in bed- same spot. Its
cute and just seems like auggie trying to feel close to mallow.


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> Thankful Thursday
> Friday October 1, 2010
> All Day
> (This event repeats every week.)
> Notes:
> Sometimes we all get so bogged down in the daily stresses and anxieties of
> life that we tend to focus too much on the negative in our life.
> Today, date the top of your page and number from one to ten. Write down ten
> things you have to be grateful for this week. It doesn’t matter how trivial
> it seems. Even if the best thing that happened was your morning cup of
> coffee, put it down.
> You’ll be surprised because the more you do this the more you’ll find you
> have to be thankful for. It may be a struggle at first, but it will help
> you see what you do have versus what you don’t.
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