Therapy-the mother


They are talking about the mother a lot in therapy. I don’t think it
is a good idea. She will find out and then be angry.

They tell Carolyn all about her. About the things she did and said.
Carolyn says she will never say sorry, never owe it. I don’t even
know if she did anything wrong.

I don’t want to get into trouble with her. I get very upset when she
gets mad at me.

It is not okay to be mad at her or anything like that. Don’t rock the
boat. Just do what she says.

I feel very panicky. I am sick in my tummy and my brain hurts too. I
am just really upset about it.

The mother always said that I was too young to have headaches. Also
that I was too young for my feet to hurt. Bathan said tonite that the
body has an actual foot problem. That made me cry.

I am tired.

Petunia Buckets

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