License test and weight


The body is really tired, so are we. It is so easy to not realize how
tired it is. I think that is a human thing, not just a multiple thing.

We have been going to the gym. Our current goal is to go 3-4 times a
week. It feels good to go, makes us feel healthier though I’m not
sure we can be any healthier yet. We lost another pound this week.
We are close to our prepregnancy weight. We still want to loose a
fair amount but we aren’t thinking about that. Its too overwhelming.
We are setting small goals and that is working. We are almost to 15
pounds lost at which time we will treat ourselves to a haircut.

Troy tried to pull himself along the chair while standing today. He is
going to be walking way before he turns one. He is doing great. I
can’t imagine life without him, even though some days/moments are a

We scheduled our license test finally!!! We take our drivers test
october 29 at 930 am. We are nervous as this is difficult for us to
do. We had our license for awhile but then didn’t drive for awhile
and lost it. Actually nathan is the reason we have to re take the
test. Still makes us mad to think about. He had no right to let our
license expire and not tell us. Can’t wait to have our license again.
We are nervous about the manueverability part. It is something you
don’t do in everyday driving.

Carolyn said to remember that the worst is we fail the test and re
take it. That would be embarrassing and an inconvenience but not a
HUGE deal.


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  1. I failed the written the first time I took the test. I think it had a lot to do with my inability to visualize what the book meant when describing certain situations and not being able to relate it to my experience. I grew up in NYC and traveled mostly by public transportation. It took me longer, I think, to understand some of the details. And I took the test again and passed. You'll be fine, now matter how many times you have to try and try again. Congrats on the gradual weight loss.

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