Since figuring out how to blog from my phone- I am doing so much more.
It is nice and I’m glad I kept these two blogs.

Saturday was our 11th anniversary. Our sis-in-law kept Troy overnight
for us. We to Cheesecake Factory. We had to wait for an hour to eat
but didn’t mind at all. It was just nice to not feel rushed for any
reason. We had cheesecake for dessert which is special for us as that
was our wedding cake.

Speaking of anniversaries our grandparents celebrate their 64th
tomorrow. Yup you read that right 64 years!

We are enjoying the gym a great deal. We feel healthier, get away from
Troy, and out of the house all at once. What could be greater?

We plan to go shopping on friday with our birthday money ( birthday is
thurs). We need clothes bably, as nothing fits us!) How exciting. Yet
we don’t want to get too many clothes as we are still changing sizes.


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