Difficult therapy session


Had a difficult therapy session. Did lots of work in one hour.
Carolyn says to take it easy and we aren’t having therapy next week.
Time to rest and just sit with everything. We had a hard time staying
present this week. Or maybe more accurately I had trouble staying

Told her that we have names though I acted still like (body name) ,
well, I acted like me sierra but I didn’t tell her I am not (body

She mentioned the idea of bringing members from the past into the
present. And she totally understood that that doesn’t work for us. It
feels…… Disrespectful of them, of that truth and the truth is
bring them out of it or not and they still lived it. she said that
for us it is the more painful way, but also more honest way. Instead I
am just to sit with that member in her pain, in her place wherever she
is, as she relives it.

Mentioned Anne- how she is still upset about the milk and troy, how
she has oral memories. Carolyn said it is ok for anne to not talk
about it but if she wants to that is okay too. She said something
else but I don’t recall what it was.

Talked a lot about Melanie and Melody and the cleaning up throw up
memory. How that relates to the dream I had awhile back with killing
the guy.

We felt drained all day, very tired. Took a nap when T finally did and
feeling a bit better now, still drained though.


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