I wish……


I wish………..

-that I had something important to say, something poignant and beautiful.

-we appreciated what we have, how lucky we are.

-that we just were able to take our medicine every damn day. Why is it so hard?

– to find the courage to remember and the strength to not..

-that it didn’t matter more to protect nana and pap than confront the mother.

-For cutting and burning to not be a big deal to others.

-freedom. Plain and simple.

-sleep longer than 2 hours at a stretch.

-death. There I said it, its taboo but its true, and yet its not.
Its not death I crave so much as silence, peace, control.

-the mother to not care more about our weight than what really
matters. She showers me with money and things when I tell her we’re
loosing weight but can’t really listen about what really matters.

-calmness, the pounding in my chest, the ache of my heart to leave,
the sound of blood rushing in my ears. The panic, the anxiety to find
a new home.

-the ability to notice our strengths, to not put ourselves down.

-to believe in ourselves. To love ourselves or even like ourselves

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