Todays daily OM is about retreats, specifically about giving yourself
wholly to the process and allowing yourself time to experience it

I have never before been on a retreat though the idea of one now
piques my interest. I’m not sure what kind of retreat. Something that
would just call to me I guess. Something healing related? I think
when the time is right more will fall into place.

What retreats have you been to??

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  1. When I was young my mother and I went to an ashram in NY where Swami Satchidinanda was the guru. (He moved his ashram to another state later and has since died but I digress.) The adults would all live in silence, not talking, working around the property–in the garden, kitchen, etc. The children were watched over by other people and we would do some yoga in the morning and then be led on hikes so it was more like summer camp than a retreat for us, I suppose.I remember being miserable because of the food (vegetarian but I wasn't) until one day we had a cheese sandwich on this amazing bread. It was so good it was decadent.The experience, over all, however, must have had a positive effect on me because I have done personal retreats in my home several times and I know that when I can afford to do so, I will happily take ones organized by other, held elsewhere than in my great room. Sylvia Boorstein, in her book Don't Just Do Something; Sit There, outlines how to have a retreat in your home over a single day or weekend or longer. With an emphasis on meditation, there is no reading, no journaling, no guided meditation. You just sit there. Do nothing. Breathe. Get up in the morning, meditate. Have a light breakfast, meditate. (Even meditate while eating mindfully!) Do a walking meditation. Lunch. Meditate. Nap. Meditate. Eat. Meditate. Sleep. Meditate. You get the idea.Less immersing is Susan Piver's How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life. She outlines an at home retreat that includes a yoga practice in the morning followed by breakfast. Then some meditation, reading of a spiritual book, more meditation, lunch, more yoga, reading, writing in your journal, etc. (I may have the sequence of when things happen incorrect.)I had hoped to do another at home retreat the next time Rob goes on a weekend gig but so far that hasn't happened. I thought that the next time I would have a theme–cleansing the chakras. And that is another way of approaching a personal retreat. What do you need? Some might find silently meditating for an entire weekend difficult and, although I think it sounds lovely, it's something I'd like to try away from my home before I try to do it at home, if that makes sense. I wrote about these things in my blog, including the two books mentioned. You might want to do a blog search for "retreat" and it will probably pull up all of the thoughts and such I had. (You'll also see my intentions for the chakra retreat which never happened. Oh well.)

  2. I will look into that thanks. I think I will wait a bit and sit with it all and see what happens… If nothing does I will try a retreat of my own creating. Beauty of those kind is they are free.

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