34 goals for 34 years


I am going to copy what Walks did. The bodies birthday was last month.
-tell more of our story to Carolyn. At least 5 memories
-talk about ‘hell week’ at least once
-take a quilting class
-find a job-nothing big just a few hours a week.
-add a second dog
-finish painting hall and ceilings
-repaint bedroom and kitchen
-loose all of or most of remaining 40 lbs
-continue to go to gym
-work up to adding a day of cardio
-make one local friend
-take up carpet and refinish rest of floors-wood is already underneath
-read at least a book a week
– make a scrapbook of at least 1 page a month for T’s first year
-see nana and pap
-do art collages that don’t have to do with healing or memories
-finish 2 quilts
– practice freemotion quilting
– find new homes for 10 stuffies
-finish mistress of wolves
– get 1/4 done with japanese garden
-grow some veggies in spring/summer
-take one exercise class- or something non-quilt related
-do 3 small cross-stitches
-do 5 sewing projects that are not quilting
-learn to use a circular saw- then use it for something
-orgaize printed recipes
-organize recipes online
-say no 3 times when I feel pressured to do what I don’t want to do
-take pictures of nature not just of troy
-read 3 non fiction books
-keep up with our dream journal
-learn to do one thing I don’t know how to do

online journal <http://patchworkjourney-patches.blogspot.com/>


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