What is on my mind-mid week


A collection of thoughts written in the hopes of getting some sleep…………

– how dare mike join the gym I go to? Then act like I am the one who
did him wrong. He walked out on nathan his best friend, leaving us
with a rental agreement and bills to pay. All these years later it
still pisses me off.

-why does it seem like some people just can’t be willing to do
different? It is judgemental perhaps to say that, took us a long time
to be ready to talk and that is only about somethings. What bothers
me is the contstant reason to not choose different. Its ok to not be
ready- and its ok to say that.

-Why is it troy wakes up seemingly terrified. Is it simple nightmares
or is he possibly picking up on the spiritual activity in the house

-im down another pound. That is a total of 58 since troy was born.

-why can the mother support us in loosing weight but not in healing?

-why does Leesa want to merge? Why does any system meber want to merge.

-why has getting our license changed things so much? Suddenly we feel
adult, we feel like adults, in control, in charge of our lives again.
The mother looses power as we feel like adults.

– as I filled out a seasonal job application today. It occured to me –
have no personal references that aren’t family. how do I get around
that? What does that mean for finding a few hour a week job?

– why are we still unsure about facing the camping memories? When it
has cost us a weekend away?

-why are we nervous about watching our youngest neice and nephew this
weekend. We will make decent money that we need, and we are around
them often.

Why has all our journaling lately been typing on this phone? Why
can’t we use our hand written journal or the computer one? Why the

online journal <http://patchworkjourney-patches.blogspot.com/>


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  1. It's good to ask questions. It's not as good to get caught up in requiring answers.I'm reading Anne Lamott's Imperfect Birds. One of the characters says that asking why is not helpful. Or maybe she says it is not useful. I wish I could find the precise quote for you.Anyway, I read that in the book and thought, "Why isn't it?" I think in the context of the book the point is that asking "Why?" gets you caught up in things that often cannot be answered. But it isn't in the asking we get caught up–it's in demanding an answer, assuming that there is always an answer to they "why's" of our lives. And maybe I am completely misunderstanding the character's meaning in what she is suggesting re. asking why. I'm not finished with the book yet. I also haven't had my morning coffee yet. It's barely 5am.

  2. We often do get caught up in finding answers to the why's. But there always isn't one, Especially for things like abuse, and why some people act how they do. Really I wrote this so I could get it out of me so I could sleep. And it worked so that is what matters.

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