Feeling good


I condensed my blogs one final time. I now am solely here at blogger. I was holding onto my multiply blog. People at the journal group use that to blog, and I was holding onto it for that reason. All it was doing was stressing me out and preventing me from blogging at all.  I enabled anonymous comments so people from there can comment here without having to have a google id. If they really want to read what we are up to, they will, if not that is okay too. I like it here much more than at multiply.

I also played with my gmail account, and have stopped doing all my emailing from my phone. It wasn’t working for me and I was finding it hard to participate in groups. I’m sure this will mean sometimes I won’t get to emails, maybe I’ll have to mass delete, but at least I’ll be participating.  I feel good about it.

I unjoined a few groups as well.  Why clog up my email with things I don’t even read anymore? I want to focus my time on places I want to be.


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