Gates of tomorrow



Beyond the Gates of Tomorrow
Lie the unknowns that frighten us today.
We do not know what it is we fear;
Only that it is out there beyond us,
And hidden from our view.  It looms up
In front of us like a towering monolith
In our path.

Because of this fear we do not accomplish;
Because of this fear we turn on others,
Or upon ourselves.  It might be something
Horrible or something wonderful;
But it is unknown, and so we hide from
This nearing future, and are afraid.

Can anything be worse than fear of the
Unknown?  How can we fight phantoms?
And there may be miracles waiting for us,
And peace; the security and love we long for,
But are so afraid to believe in.

There may be other beings there,
Or strange Gods and distant planets,
Or perhaps death and destruction that await.
But wait… there may be unexpected joy;
There may be faith, there may be hope.

The Gates of Tomorrow are like Pandora’s
Box; we do not know what they hold.
But we do know what is before us
On this day.  And our fellows stretch out
Their hands and arms for our help.
We can put aside or vague fears and
Worries, and help them.

The Gates are unknown for a reason;
If we knew what they held, then why strive?
Why do our best?  Surely it can be enough
Of a Miracle, to work on learning to love one
Another in the Now.  Tomorrow will be here
Fast enough; Then the Gates will clang shut
Yet again, and another Tomorrow will be
Hidden from our view.

© Copyright 2/2/1006
Beth Johnson
(Mystic Amazon)


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