It’s Heidi


It’s Heidi.  Damned if I know where the granny moon thing in the one email addy came from. It doesn’t matter however. The point is it is there and there is a part of it that I’d like to copy here and jot down a few words about.

“The Goddess Companion”

May you grow straight as a tree.
May you dance in the spring air.
May you be washed by the rain
and combed by the sweet wind.

Dear children, stand straight
as the trees of the great forest.
And I, your goddess mother,
will always watch over you.
~Song of Egle, Lithuanian Forest Mother

Once, it is said in Lithuania, there was a woman named Egle, brave enough to leave her village and live beneath the white-crowned sea. Her children were the many species of trees. Because their mother was human, we are therefore related to the forests. The trees are our distant cousins ~ perhaps even our brothers and sisters.

Many ancient cultures tell us this: that we are related to all of nature. Not in an abstract way, but as though we are family. The animals are our siblings, the mountains our parents. As we walk through this world, we are never disconnected ~ and certainly not superior. We are part of our world in the deepest way. We are related to all that moves and breathes, all that grows and blossoms, all that swims and flies and runs and dies.

Today many of our relations are in danger from the hands of humankind. As we reclaim our real place in the universe as children of the goddess, we must also redeem those other children who suffer and are lost because of us

Anyone who really has talked to me much knows I am into nature, and further that I totally believe that Nature is our relative that we must protect and care for.   That bit really spoke to me of that.  It is awful to think of the consequences if humans continue to destroy nature.  The consequences will affect us more than most people realize.   People talk about  colonizing mars, the moon and beyond. I say why must we do that? Why can’t we take care of the planet we live on now?  Why is it that so many humans are incapable of seeing future consequences? Or is it that they just don’t care?

Nature is close to me.  There is much nature inside our world.  Several forests, mountains, streams, and such. There are even animals, though not nearly as populated as this outside world (by far).   The center of our world is a single huge tree. It is alive, not in the sense that all trees are alive, but in the sense that it speaks.  It truly does watch over us I believe, and I believe it was watching over the souls in the berri patch, before I came.

Hi to all I know from the Journal group who are reading this. I think of you all often.



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