Goddess of fire, goddess of strength


Goddess Of Fire, Goddess of Strength

“The Goddess Companion”

The Goddess is an eye of fire,
born from a cauldron of strength.
The Goddess is a radiant fire,
born from an ocean of fear.

The goddess is strong and fearsome.
Her Magic is strong and powerful.
When she grows angry, she strikes,
and her enemies wither from her wrath.
~Egyptian Coffin Texts

The feminine force is not only warm and matronly, friendly and girlish. It is also a power of fire and strength, or righteous anger and powerful wrath. As the Egyptians knew when they honored Sekhmet, the wrathful lion Goddess of the sun’s fire, nature cannot be contained nor constrained within our human vision of gentleness and love. She is vaster than that. She is all the natural forces or purification and change; she is fire as well as earth and water.
So, too, each woman has the fierce fiery power of the primal Goddess within her. And there are times when that power should be used, nature. Once the purifying fire has done its work, the kindlier aspects of the Goddess will return.seasons when the soul, and the exterior of life that reflects it, must be purged and cleansed. A woman must not retreat from the challenge of using this power, for it is a part of her feminine

This Really Means Something to me.   I am not warm, matronly,friendly, or girlish.  I very much identify with the godness written about in that.


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