Something in the journal group got my attention recently. I don’t remember what the topic was. Only that this person remarked about how we did collages. What I got from that was that collaging is how we speak. I remember now. We had commented on a topic about English. Specifically how our writing ability isn’t great. Our grammar I mean. Anyways- collages. That is really how we speak. Sometimes they even have words in them. Mostly they are pictures. They are for us only. We don’t do them for others. I think that is a difference for us worth noting. When we write, unless it is in our journal, it is almost always written with readers in mind. What will they say, or think, ec. That is what is in my mind. It makes it really hard to concentrate on my thought, on my point, on my writing.

With collaging though? I loose myself. I just get so into the process that everything else just falls away. I don’t really even think much when I do it. I just do it. Whether it be online or on paper, or both. It just comes together. Sometimes they take an hour, sometimes days, weeks, even months. One collage we have been working on for nearly a year. We know it isn’t complete yet, but don’t yet know what it needs. When the time is right it will be finished.

Is that how it is with people and writing? Do some pieces take months, years, weeks to finish?

Anyone who is curious can see many of our collages on our journal. The link is to our main journal below. If you are a survivor of abuse, the images may trigger you. If you self injure the images may trigger you.

I think what I got from this is that I have to listen to us. When the urge to collage hits, we should. Maybe we should try to make time every week or something.

I’m reminded of something that someone else in the journal group said. Or maybe it was just what I heard. Anyways all of our collages are about our past, our abuse. A lot of them are about memories or feelings. But what if they don’t have to all be about that? What if some of them could just be about something else? About what is going on? Or even a response to a journal prompt? I’m not sure if that will work for us. It is something that I want to try. Or maybe it doesn’t matter what they are about.



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