I came across this quote just now. It reminds me of the conversation about the soul, if we can listen to it, follow it. I think that people who are able to hear their soul are able to tell themselves the truth.  I think when we are able to speak the truth, know the truth we are more open, more willing.

“If people are going to get back into balance, one of the things they have to do is seek the truth. They have to start really speaking the truth themselves, and that’s a difficult thing to do. The way it is now in the world, we don’t mind lying.” 

I didn’t write this in the part I shared on the journal group. Honestly I don’t think they want to hear real stuff. Or at least many of them don’t. I guess maybe I think that they don’t want to hear the truth. Maybe they don’t seek the truth in themselves. Or maybe what we write reminds them of something in themselves that they don’t want to face.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I am not going to try to share what they don’t want to hear. It just makes us hurt to not get responses.   



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