April showers bring may flowers


“April showers bring May flowers.” is an old proverb that illustrates how often the seemingly negative things can have positive outcomes. When has this been true for you in the past? Were you aware of potential benefits when you were actually in the midst of the rainstorm?

Most of our past is an example of this.  Most recent- Troy.  There was such joy at pregnancy, followed by a horrid reality crash of what parenthood was like. The depression was horrid. Those first 4 or so, 6 really months of his life were a blur for us of just getting through.  When we really felt negative. Really felt terrible. Now though- we see him and are so proud. Also there is proudness for us. Proudness that we got through it. Proudness that we did it. 

Of course the big thing of course is the abuse, the healing work we have done so far.  It is a huge one. It was a negative thing to say the least.  And healing wasn’t a picnic. Isn’t a picnic. It is incredibly difficult and painful. But the positives??  They are huge as well.  No drinking, being able to stand up for ourselves, not getting stuck as much in flashbacks, working on talking, sharing, asking for help. And the list goes on.  It really makes all the hard work worth it.  

While in that place of black healing we were not at all aware of potential benefits. All we could see is pain. 

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