Have you been tricked


In today’s day and age, it is customary to pull pranks on people for April Fool’s Day. When was the last time someone tricked you? Did they just try to fool you or purposefully deceive you? Was it “for fun” or to be sneaky and manipulative? How did it make you feel? Describe the situation.

This confuses us. Triggers Anne.  We haven’t been tricked in years. We aren’t around people other than Nathan really, and he knows that it is a trigger for us.  We tell anyone who we think possibly could trick us to please don’t, that we are very sensitive to it, and to do so would really upset us. So far that has worked, has only been Kim. 

The mother always “tricked” Anne, only it was mean things, Like saying Gosgi died. That isn’t fun, it is mean.  Is it sneaky and manipulative? I don’t know.  I just know we hate to be tricked. It makes us feel very stupid. To be laughed us is a huge trigger.  It really upsets us. 


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