A resolution finally


For months we have been wondering what would happen with insurance and therapy.

Today we finally got a resolution. Carolyn will keep seeing us for the same amount we paid before insurance changed.  That is such a relief. We were terrified that we wouldn’t be able to keep seeing her.

That she would decide we weren’t worth taking less money for.  It took 3 months for insurance crap to be worked out, that is ridiculous.

And she gets paid more with our out-of network rate, that what our in network rate was with the old insurance. 

She won’t make us pay the deductible either. Says that the insurance doesn’t have to cover that 800$ but that it is up to her and only her if she makes us pay that.

What a load of stress of our backs.

We worked very hard to just let the situation happen and not stress about it too much. We know stressing doesn’t change anything. 


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