Feeling better today. Turned on the mp3 player last night, affectionately called 3cpo. Took sleeping med, and went to bed.

Woke up today feeling much better.  Going to cut cable but not internet. Will drop internet down to lowest we can. Which will save a lot. Keep it that way until we get bills caught up, then reassess. 

People we talked to are right.  It isn’t worth our stress to be without our support place. Plus we won’t be able to print coupons without internet. Although we can use the library to do so, it costs per page to print, cheaper to just keep internet.

Also recognizing that sleep will be hard this time of year for us. No sense pushing ourselves to stay in bed and try to sleep. Will get up and do something.  Journal, email, chat, cross-stitch, read, art.  Forcing ourselves to sleep never works.

Starting list of things to talk to Carolyn about as well. That way we don’t have to worry about forgeting when we get there every week. 

Feeling good to brainstorm ideas to help ourselves instead of just complaining. 


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