I am so good at procrastination. It’s always been that way. I realize now that it holds me down, weighs me down. Leaves me feeling badly about myself, about my abilities. If left long enough, I end up feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities- as I feel now.

I am choosing differently….

Instead of the usual routine- of cross-stitch during Troy’s nap and computer-DID group while Troy is playing happily in the am, I am trying to work on To-Do list items.

Today at nap I put the floss into floss bags. Finally finished that up. What a monotonous chore. I am pleased it is done. I want to make some floss tags. I have to add to my list to find out how to make them. (stops and does that now).

Tonight I did some work in the computer journal and in the blog. I finally got all our collages in the journal, and moved 2 more months blogs from 2005’s yahoo blog into the current blog. That is going to take some time, but no worries, a bit every day or so will get it done.

It feels good to have some stuff accomplished. Really good. Makes me feel worthwhile. Like I am not a failure.

***Note to self– Does that mean not getting stuff done makes me feel a failure, and if so- why?


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