Bad food day


Today was a bad food day. Went over my calories by at least 500. Sigh.  

Troy fell down part of the basement steps, onto the concrete floor. I had my head in the freezer so I didn’t see it (can you say guilt?).  Face first, large lump. He threw his head back and wailed like i’ve never heard before. I was terrified. Left the freezer door open, ran with him upstairs.  Put ice on it, comforted him………. Thought for a minute I would have to take him to the Er, but he didn’t show any signs of concussion. It was a HUGE lump and a huge sound when he hit the ground. 

I was frazzled.  Then had trouble finding healthy food for lunch.  It is near grocery shopping day so there isn’t much around health wise to eat.   I was frustrated (which lead to mac and  cheese for lunch ), then I ended up eating 3 ice cream sandwiches.  I just felt—— i dunno. Guilty, frustrated, annoyed, worried. I just wanted the feelings to go away, I was aware of them, I wanted to not be aware of them so I ate.

*note to self- isn’t that the same reasoning when engaging in Si sometimes? As well as when we drank? 


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