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This is sucha  beautiful and important reminder. Society it seems pushes us to compete against each other.  Just look at the popularity of sports. It exists everywhere- schools, work, everywhere.

This reminds us that we compete only against ourselves. Society though pushes us, convinces us that it is better to compete. That is the way to greatness, the answer if you will.

Only it leaves ones feeling less than. Feeling that we don’t stack up. That we can’t compare.  Know what? We can’t. We can’t compare to anyone else. We aren’t anyone else. Nobody else is like us.  Noone else is exactly like us (identical twins excluded) so of course nobody reacts to anything like we do.

I see people walking down the street, and I start to think- they are walking faster, they are thinner, they are blah blah blah..It is so easy to get lost in that train of thought.

But what about this……..  They may be walking faster but I am walking faster than I did when I started- A 21 minute mile while pushing a 25 pound baby and a who knows how heavy stroller.  It used to take me 35 minutes to walk a mile. Wow- what huge progress.

Or what about this– who cares how fast that person walks. I am walking, and that is all that matters.  I am not competing with her, or anyone. It isn’t a contest. It is fitness, it is health. It is for me.  For us. 


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  1. I had joined sparkpeople a couple of years ago (after I tried something else and it didn't help me lose weight). I left because, after six months, I hadn't lost any weight but I have been thinking of rejoining lately, to see if I can use it to track things better. I'm still debating it all.I like this quote. It's also important to remember that wherever we are, that is where we are. In other words, we are all perfect, perfectly who we are meant to be and where we are meant to be today.

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