There is something profound about this.  It is the hard truth.  The hard reality.   The truth is that it is often easier to have an excuse. Easier to not find a way, easier to stay with whatever it is. Easier to not try.

Truth is that if we really want something we will find a way. And that is true. There are countless things that we simple refused to accept anything other than what we wanted- anything but finding a way, and we did find a way.

There are also many occasions when there is always an excuse. Always some reason why we can’t.. Truth is that we are what is standing in our way.  Truth is that change can be scary. Admitting that we want to continue to cut. Admitting that we don’t want to give that up is harder than saying- others inside won’t, or it is addictive.

Truth is that it is easier to say that the abuse kept us living in the past. And we honestly believed that for many years. But the truth? The truth was that we kept us living in the past. By not facing things, by not allowing memories to come out.

I think this is easier to see in other people than in ourselves. We all know those people who act like they want advice, want to change, but then there is always a reason why they can’t.   Perhaps I was one for awhile.  I’m not now- we aren’t now. We are trying to face the truths. If we don’t face them we can’t continue to move forward.


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