Commit To sit


I’m doing Commit to sit with Satia,  starting July 1.  Anyone is welcome to join in.

I find that I am  quite excited about it.  Others are too in here I think. 

We are changing it a bit to fit out needs. We aren’t sticking strictly with meditation. We will meditate daily as that is something we need to do more, but we will also do some collaging, perhaps some walking.  

We plan to write about the experience daily.

There is other stuff going on to write about but another time. 



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  1. I'll be posting more about what it is I will be doing either later today or tomorrow. I have a list of things to do and that is one thing I want to do before we officially begin on the first. But it will show how I am modifying the article's suggestions to meet my needs as well. Are there any books on collage you particularly recommend? My daughter wants to explore this medium and I was thinking Collage Lab but don't know enough to choose wisely.

  2. I personally don't read a lot of books about collage. I find it leaves me feeling like I am doing it wrong. I do like a few for browsing through for techniques and ideas- Alphabetica an A-Z creativity guide for collage and book artists by lynn Perrella. I currently have Adventures in Mixed Media which has some good thoughts and whatnot. Good book for looking at some basic background painting and things to have on hand for collages. A good search term to use on google is mixed media. my biggest advice is don't use elmers glue. Use YesPaste or ModPodge.

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