Commit To sit- day 1


As I said in my previous post Commit to sit started today.  While  I’m not sure I will post every day, I will post when I feel the need.

I am not meditating in the morning as with a toddler, the morning is a busy time. I do my first meditation at nap time.

I was a bit annoyed at nap as I had other things to do. Seems always to be that way- i’m sure you can relate.   I tried to meditate sitting up but for whatever reason that just doesn’t work for us……. So laying down I went.   At first it was hard to stop thinking of all I should be doing, but before long all was quiet in my mind…….. no easy feat when you live with a head full of people.  Anyways

I had trouble with the meditating on the subject of breath. When we meditate we do so to clear our head, to be silent, quiet, to just be. So trying to meditate on a subject didn’t really work.   What I ended up doing is picturing the word breath in my head and just holding it there while I meditating.

Fast forward to tonight-  A book caught my attention at the library- “Adventures in mixed Media”.  Anyone who has read this blog for any time knows we love to collage.    I was inspired after not long.  I ended up creating a collage using ‘breath’.

I just thought of breath.  Repeated it to myself as I created my collage.   My intention was not to do this until next weekend. To incorporate collage into my weekend meditation sessions.   But I went with it anyways. Why push aside what was wanting to break free.

So here is what I ended up with-


I think I’m just going to count that as my nightly meditation session.  I will likely meditate anyways as we do so before bed.


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  1. Rob and I watched a movie last and we were up later than I usually am. I was tempted to skip the evening meditation but I didn't. Instead, I sat up in bed and gave myself Reiki. Remarkably, I managed not to doze off, which is why I sat up because I knew, if I were lying down, I'd end up asleep within moments.

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