was writing on a different place and realized we feel numb. Being it was a DID forum, they commented numb= dissociation. That is excactly how we feel.

dissociated. It’s been awhile since we’ve felt this way to this level.

Wondering if it is bad to feel this way.   First Sierra and then we learn that a  cross-stitch friend who had a heart double lung transplant 18 months ago- passed suddenly on monday.  And we wonder is that enough to warrant feeling this way? Or not feeling I guess is better way to say it.

Guess in reality  it doesn’t matter. It is what it is.  Troy’s needs are met. He is happy,  The house is taken care of.. We are functionable and dealing with this stuff best we can.  We haven’t cut or burned and that matters a lot.

We are taking our sleeping med nightly but that is okay.  We aren’t drinking either.


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