Dalai Lama


I’ve always had this fascination with the Dalai Lama. Since I found out about his existence.  I’m not sure what it is. I have several times tried to read about him, about Buddhism………. I always  have ended up having strange reactions to it.  I choose to take that as I just wasn’t ready. My soul wasn’t ready. 

I’m trying again. This time- ‘My Spiritual Journey’ The Dalai Lama.   I’m not far in……… About 11 pages. And something has struck me already.  He talks about Love-about how part of our existence makes us need love. He goes on to write about parents… How they had to love us, care for us properly for our brain to grow properly.  That hit me.  I didn’t have the first thing I needed. The love of my parents.  

It’s left me really? Unsure how to love.  Uncomfortable with love. 



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