Therapy day


After therapy we feel a lot better. It was just what we needed. To have someone listen to us as we talked about what it was like to go back there. We got some good ideas of how to talk to nathan as well.

Must remember that it is okay to not agree with him when he tries to say whatever we feel/say is because of the past. It is okay to say, we don’t agree and this is why.  Or we see how you could see it that way but don’t agree.

We did a double session. How nice. She is going to bill it as last week too, yay.

Feeling much better to just have talked it out loud. It is nice to journal it and talk about it here and on forum but it isn’t the same as saying it out loud.

Have to talk to Penny and appologize for that.  But will of couse wait until after her wedding and honeymoon. She sure has other things to worry about/do.

Carolyn said she was proud of us and that it took a lot of courage to do what we did.  IT was nice to hear that, wish Nathan had said that but it is what it is. It was nice to have it recognized how hard that was for us to do.

Have had a nearly whole day away today. Left the house at about 10. It is just what we needed. Feeling better every moment.  Really needed some me time, of course that makes total sense since it has been 3 weeks (other than the gym twice this week).

Got a few applications this week. That is next on our list- a job hunt! Exciting and nerve wracking as well.

Went to the LHN (cross stitch store). Got the halloween JCS book, the exchange charts for Mary, and of course a few things for me.  2 of the fat snowmen charts for Lizzy Kate’s new thing.   They are just awesome. Think we found what we will use that 26 dollars at 123stitch for.

And now off for some blog catch ups and then reading.



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