Health Insurance


Every year, and I do mean EVERY year nathans health insurance changes. I am so very sick of it. In the months after Troy was born, I finally found a therapist. Not just a therapist the right one for me. We work hard in therapy and it is helping.

Yet every time insurance changes we have to face the idea for months that Carolyn may not be on the approved list.  What right do companies have to tell me who I can and can’t see? What gives them that right? I pay money for insurance? I don’t tell them what I will and won’t pay?? Yet they have all the power (and there is the trigger)

This January, the insurance wouldn’t cover Carolyn even after she called and asked to be on their list, apparently they had enough Therapists in her area (WTF??)  So if I wanted to go it would be out of pocket………..  The big issue? There was an 800$ deductible to meet first…………

I don’t remember exactly how, but we worked it out with her.  So we could keep going. I think our copay is 20 but we pay 30 towards that 800$ and she told them we paid it already or something, I dunno.  Anyways……….

This next year will be very different, in that…….. and i’m not super clear on the details, neither is nathan, but we pay money that goes into an account, then we get a card with a percentage of that money, we can see whomever we want (that’s good) but there is again a deductible of either 500 or 800 to meet before they pay anything.  I’m also unclear on what happens if our needs exceeds whatever the account has in it.  When you consider the cost of therapy- 125$ a week before insurance x the weeks in the year, even taking off some for vacations and holidays, well it is likely to be higher than whatever we pay into an account.  Either that or we won’t be able to afford the account-another huge worry as nathan can’t seem to find out how much this is going to cost.

Ugh.  What are we going to do if we have to stop seeing carolyn??



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