thankful thursday


As part of my new mindbloom ‘game of life’ thing, I am restarting thankful thursday…………

I am thankful-

-our birthday is finally here- mimi is so very excited
-mimi is aging this year, that is so awesome
-not letting mother ruin our birthday even though we won’t get her gift until late, which she knows we need to get the ipod we have been saving for for months
-birthday cake


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  1. You know, I'm so happy I found mindbloom while doing research for the newsletter. I'm especially happy because you're getting so much out of it. Sadly, I think I'm going to end up deleting my account. Not because I don't love it but because this is simply not a good time for me. I log in sometimes in the morning but I don't have time to look at inspiration or share, I can't really interact with many people. But I know it's out there and I know that life has a way of changing. Just because I'm feeling pulled in too many directions right now doesn't mean that I won't find myself with fewer distractions and responsibilities in the future. I haven't decided yet. Just thinking at this point.

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