35 things for 35 years


-repaint bedroom and one kitchen wall
-loose 25 pounds
-take a class on something
-finish Japanese Garden
-do 5 sewing projects
@@@@”-work on father stuff
-Speak up 5 times when Nathan gets angry
@@@@@-make one local friend
-make scrapbook of troy’s first year
-read 70 books
-Grow some fruits/veggies
-journal at least once a week
-organize recipes
-do 12 collages
-try 1 new creative thing
-learn to knit (or at least try it)
@@@@@-get a job
-recipes of nana’s and her mom’s into computer
-talk to people at Troy’s library school
-finish 3 cross stitch pieces
– frame the garden bugs
-use a power tool to make a project
-learn to use a new power tool
@@@@-plant some things in the front yard
-read 5 spiritual books
– write and send letter to collective
-work through mindfulness book
-try one new thing
– go to at least one cross stitch monthly stitch in
-speak my mind 5 times when I have something to say
@@@@-see nana and pap
-meditate every other day
-do 10 things right away instead of procrastinating them
-read 10 books from our shelves


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