Usually holidays aren’t our thing. In the past we often have been disasters. It all sorts of things really which I’d like to get into another time.

What I want to say now is that for the first time ever we are looking forward to thanksgiving. This is huge for us. And we recognize that. Yay us.

It was hard last year as we told people no to going to there houses for dinner. I think it is something only children of divorce can understand. We stay at home on thanksgiving. Have no desire to go to anyone else’s house. Nobody has to understand though, just respect our wishes.

Im cooking which i just love to do K (sis-in-law) is wondering about the amount of food but honestly I don’t care. It is a day to eat too much and leftovers are always good for days.

It is bittersweet that I can’t see nana and pAp. Not sure how many more they have left at 89.

Anyways I have their special holiday dishes to use as well as I am making a cherry pie which nana always did for mystery and I. I’m making Cinnabon clones too.

I wish I had money for shopping black Friday….it was something only nana and I did. But I will start putting money back weekly to have something next year.

It was a LOT of hard work and it’s never done never over but I finally have arrived in the present in my life and I’m content and working to make things even better


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