I was talking to a friend today about art journaling. That got me thinking about this page I did recently. I thought I would share it.

I took a long nap today leaving me wide awake.  I’d love to be working on a page, but I am out of computer ink. I can’t print any photos to continue the vacation journal. Maybe I should just do another one. A non vacation journal. I am way behind on that.


Another Art journal page-Fly free


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    • Yes I do want to join. I do have a question though. I know we post every other day. I am unclear though, do I pick my own topic based on the theme of the week?

  1. Yes. The theme of the first week is Childhood. Any post that fits that theme is fine. Check out the other posts for an idea of the diversity involved. Post on odd-numbered days. On the last odd-numbered day of the week, (this week, that’s tomorrow) I’ll post next week’s theme. I look forward to reading your posts!

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