October Memoir challenge-childhood post 1


I’m participating in a blog challenge this month. I am doing it in art journal style. Each week there is a different theme. I am supposed to post every other day. I am not sure that I will get that many done. I don’t know that I can create art journal pages that fast. Anyways- I am already behind.  If you are interested in learning more about this challenge- hop on over here.
The theme last week was childhood. My first page is about journaling. I discovered journaling in 3rd grade. My birthday party was at Chucky cheese. I got a journal for my birthday. One of those ones with about 3 lines for each day for a year? I still have it. I haven’t looked back since. I discovered my love of journaling that year. I don’t even know who gave me the journal.



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  1. If I don’t write to empty my mind I go mad.
    Absolutely. And I agree about the journaling thing. Once I stop processing in writing my progress slows considerably.

    I have signed up to follow your blog and get entries in my email box but these entries never made it in there. I thought you’d stopped writing or something. Argh. I can’t believe I’ve missed all these. I think these are really good. Sometimes if we don’t have a lot of words we can sort of write what we mean with photos and stamps. Action, moving forward with the tools we are best able to use is what will get us where we want to be.

    These are really cool.

    • Thanks. We aren’t very articulate always with words. Collages and art journaling is how we best convey our feelings and thoughts. We don’t worry about coming across stupid in our private journal but on a blog we do worry. Somehow in using art journal entries we move beyond that sensor.

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