October Memoir challenge- childhood post 2


I’m participating in a blog challenge this month. I am doing it in art journal style. Each week there is a different theme. I am supposed to post every other day. I am not sure that I will get that many done. It takes anywhere from 4-7 hours total to do an art journal page. I don’t know that I can create art journal pages that fast, I also have a job and a 3 yr old.  Anyways- I am already behind.  If you are interested in learning more about this challenge- hop on over here.

My mom was a single mom. She worked two jobs to make ends meet. As is often the case with single parents, she relied heavily on my Nana and Pap to watch my brother and I while she was working.  Needless to say we spent a lot of time at their house.

Nana loved to garden. She was never more at home as when she was out in that garden. She also loved her kitchen and loved to cook, but gardening was her passion  I believe.

She had flowers everywhere throughout the house and yard. In the front she had this huge purple rhododendron. It was taller than 6 feet, wider as well.  j

She had a screened in porch where she grew orchids of all varities. It was beautiful.

Watching and helping her garden was a big part of my time spent there.  That garden taught me a lot.

As nana is now 91 and in the end stage of Alzheimer, she no longer remembers any of this. That makes this art journal page all the more special for me.




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  1. Pretty! I love the colors you worked with — the lavender and the turquoise are so pretty together and so evocative of gardens.

  2. What lovely memories of your grandmother, captured so beautifully in these art journals. Don’t worry if you can’t post three times a week – your posts are so unique, we’ll enjoy however many you can manage!

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