I’m participating in a blog challenge this month. I am doing it in art journal style. Each week there is a different theme.I’ve decided that 2 is a good number to go for. I am going to try to get 2 posts up a week for the October Memoir blog challenge.  If you are interested in learning more about this challenge- hop on over here.

This week’s theme is relationships.

I met Nathan when I was 19. He worked with my best friend at a convenience store. I went to visit her one night and he was a new employee, Just moved to the area from Ohio.  He went out with us a few times, to play pool mostly.  We were just friends. I  was seeing a guy  seriously at the time.  That was in 1995.

We moved out here to Ohio in 1997, and were married in 1999.  It wasn’t until 2010 when we had Troy.

It hasn’t always been easy. I went through a very dark time, but he was here for me the entire time.  Love like that bewildered me, still does some.

Last year 6 days after his birthday and 5 days after mine, he had emergency surgery. His large intestines are shorter now, and his stomach more sensitive but he is still here. He was off work for 2 months. He nearly died. His diagnosis-diverticulitis of the secum, I was told by his surgeon is usually diagnosed in the morgue. Had he not gone to the doctor on a fluke that Friday afternoon- he would have died before monday came.  Why does it take nearly loosing a person to remember how much they mean?

So it was with him in mind that I did this piece-



October Memoir Challenge-post 4

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  1. Cool idea with the art journal. Those things always freak me out…fluke decisions that end up being huge turns of events. Glad it turned out like it did!

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