36 years list



Every year for a few years now- I make a list of things I want to do in the coming year. I do from birthday to birthday. Last year with hubby being in the hospital and all that I didn’t get my list done until sometime in January. As a result it wasn’t as long as usual. I usually do 1 item for each year of age.  I am okay with my outcome though 8/13 completed is pretty good I think. I wish I could have gotten half of my cross-stitch yearly list done but what can ya do?

exercise 104 times-104

8 art journal pages-5/9,7/30, 9/28, 10/3, 10/7, 10/8,10/11,10/13

complete half of Wipocolypse 7/17

complete 1 book challenge

             20/50 ebook

           16/15 authors

get massage

troy scrapbook- 5 pages

participate in alzheimers walk

finish quilt

1 new craft- art journal

try 4 things on pinterest- bean salad 1/23,brownie dip 2/8, best lemon bars 2/18, baked individual oatmeal cups 2/25

try 10 new recipes- chicken enchiladas 1/8, pizza quesadilla 2/6, veggie letter soup 2/17, baked sweet sour chicken 2/25,hash brown cups 3/6, roasted garbanzo beans 3/7, asian grilled salmon 3/24, sauteed scallops 4/5, orange chicken 4/16, cilantro lime chicken cacciatore 4/23

make art journal

lift carpet up



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