October Memoir Blog Challenge- Post 7


I’m participating in a blog challenge this month. I am doing it in art journal style. Each week there is a different theme.I’ve decided that 2 is a good number to go for. I am going to try to get 2 posts up a week for the October Memoir blog challenge.  If you are interested in learning more about this challenge- hop on over here.

This final week of the challenge the theme is Gratitudes and Regrets.  I chose in life to not think in terms of regrets. Although there are things in life I wouldn’t do over again. Had everything not happened as it did happen I may not have Nathan or Troy.

Instead I’m doing my entries on 2 people/animals I am grateful for.  The first is Mallow. He was the first dog I had when I left home. He was my best friend.  He was my dog, followed me everywhere. I’ve read that in life you get a few pets that are really special. Mallow was that for me.  Oh he drove me crazy as all loved ones go, but he was just in tune with my feelings. I swear he could read my mind.  He was there for me at a very dark time in life.  I cried into his fur many many times and he loved me anyways.

I went to a pet store to get gerbils one day, and this family had this dog with them, they were moving and couldn’t keep him.  He came right up to me and I fell in love. He had the softest ears.  It was mother’s day weekend.  He sure did bring color to our lives. He ate trash, underwear, and chairs. He loved pizza crust and pancakes.  He came no matter what I called him, except the name he had the first 1 1/2 years of his life.

He has been gone over 4 years and I still miss him everyday.



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    • It took me a long while before I could think of the happy memories with Mallow again. All I could think of for months was about the end. Now though I can laugh and smile about all the funny things.

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