NaBloPoMo day 2


This is going to be harder than I thought. It doesn’t sound hard to post everyday, but it is hard if you don’t have anything to say. In my written journal I just write what comes out, a few times a day. But here? This feels different and it is being public.

I work in a grocery deli. Weirdly enough I like it. It’s fast paced which suits me. I have worked retail before where there was lots of standing around. I detested it. I like to be busy at work. I also like that it is very scripted. There is a list of 5 things I have to say to each customer. As I struggle with social anxiety, having a script really helps me be able to talk to customers.  I also like that I don ‘t have a manager breathing down my neck all the time. It’s a job that I have a list of stuff to get done before I leave, and I just work at my own pace. Only people I have to deal with is my coworkers.

Most of you have been to a grocery deli. You wait, you wait some more, especially depending when you go. Nobody likes to wait, which is why it really annoys me when a person waits 10 minutes then when I call their number they have no idea what they want. WTF? What have you been doing for 10 minutes? Lunch meat is wrapped after it is opened. We can keep it X number of days after we open it. So in between customers I wrap it. Lunch meat isn’t supposed to be sitting out on the counter. It goes bad.  Everyone should know that. So then why do people get so mad when I wrap meat and put it back?  Whatever the reason I won’t stop wrapping the meat/cheese. It only takes a minute. Either you wait or you don’t. Your choice. No skin off my back.

It’s also only lunch meat and I’m a person too.  I know you have waited, sometimes a long time. Trust me I have no desire for you to wait either. It is not my control how much stock we keep, or how many coworkers I have. I wish I had more, trust me. But yelling at me over lunch meat will never get you anywhere. It is simply rude. It isn’t my control. I work in the store, I am not the boss, it is out of my hand. Telling me what you want to see won’t make a difference. I can do nothing other than what my boss’ tell me I can do.  Even if another grocery chain does it different. If you like how they do it, then go there.  I”m much more likely to go out of my way when I can, if you are nice to me.



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