A Foot Story- NaBloPoMo day 4


Years ago some events happened that caused me to have foot pain. It was abuse related. I don’t think you need to hear the story. Suffice to say the events left me with sore feet. Fast foward 33 years.

In the past few years the foot issue has gotten increasingly painful. I tried different shoes and insoles. Mostly I just ignored it. I have an amazing ability to simply ignore pain.  That is what I did. Then the pain got so bad that even I couldn’t ignore it. “Go to the doctor” my husband would say. But I couldn’t. I didn’t deserve the doctor you see. I deserved the pain I was in. And so I dealt with it. I hobbled around on feet that would have me fighting back tears. Then I got a job and started going to the gym. The pain got so bad I was in tears that I was unable to stop by the end of my work shift daily. I had to stop going to the gym. Finally I made that doctors appointment. I was full of dread, sure the doctor would refuse to help me, telling me nothing was wrong.

Only that didn’t happen. After xrays of my feet the doctor came in with the xrays and said she could help me, and I shouldn’t have waited this long.  Plantar Fasciitis she said with heel spurs in both feet.

She went on to explain that the big ligament that runs along the bottom of my foot was short. This caused over time inflammation especially upon waking in the morning, after long periods of standing or long periods of sitting.

My body trying to heal itself grew extra bone in my heels, thus the heel spurs. Heal the inflammation she said and the pain would be much better.

I was so overwhelmed at this point, that had my son not been with me I likely would have burst into tears. Here after decades of foot pain, this doctor was telling me my pain was legitimate. There really was a problem. A problem I deserved to fix.



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