A foot story part 2- NaBlogPoMo day 5


There I was sitting in the doctors office suddenly overwhelmed by the idea this doctor would help me. I didn’t deserve to be in the pain I was in. It could be better. No it would be better. I didn’t even care when she told me no more barefeet, no more cheap slippers, I would have to wear quality shoes all the time. I was amazed at the idea I didn’t have to just deal with this pain.

“I want to give you a shot” she said, “a cortisone shot. It will help the inflammation which is causing the pain.” I agreed. Anything to help the pain.  She pulled over a portable ultrasound machine, explaining that she had to find exactly where to put the shot to give me the most relief. When I saw the needle I nearly told her to stop. It was big. She also had a can of spray numbness. I would soon find out why she had that.  The shot was incredibly painful and took a long time. It felt like she was taking forever to inject that medicine into my feet. I had 2 shots that first visit. One in each foot. Had my son not been with me, I would have screamed or cried.  The nurse came in and used thick foam pads to wrap each foot up, arch support she explained. I was to take it off only to shower and sleep. As I hobbled out, with an appointment for the next week. I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

Amazingly as the day went on, my feet pain disappeared. It wasn’t until that day, I truly realized how bad my pain was. I went about 5 days without pain. It was amazing. When the pain started to return I  got scared. It seemed cruel. If I was going to have pain, why have the time without it? That just made me realize what I could have. This time I had my sister-in-law watch my son while I went.

When she saw my face, she said “the pain is back correct?”  Yes I nodded, feeling defeated. “that’s to be expected” she said. “it may take a few shots to get lasting relief.” While I shuddered at the idea of more shots, I just wanted the freedom  of no pain. Even wearing the tight fitting arch supports the nurse made, was okay. I was desperate for that relief. I got more shots that day. This time the pain wasn’t as bad. She explained that as the inflammation decreased the shots would get progressively less painful. And they did. I had weekly shots for a month.

I was getting antsy. It was a month later. I had done no walking that wasn’t necessary. No gym. No zoo, no walks with my son. I rested my feet much as I could. The pain was so much better, but would I have to wear the weekly handmade arch support wraps forever?  That visit I went in ready to ask what was the long term plan. When the pain was so bad, it never occurred to me to ask about long term. I just wanted to be able to walk without pain for another week.

This week was different though.  “Your pain is much better now right The inflammation is way down,” she stated after another ultrasound. Time to make some permanent arch supports. She explained they would be quite expensive. But my insurance should cover it.  Still they would have to find out before they made the supports..

I spent the week on pins and needles. I was sure the insurance company would turn down the expensive supports. I could still get them without insurance but I would have to pay out of pocket and it would be about 500$ she said for the supports. There was no way I could afford that.



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