300 Posts-NaBloPoMo day 9


Yesterday’s post was my 300th post in blogland. The milestone leaves me yearning to reread some posts. Yet I know some of them are dark. Probably many of them are dark. I could change them, or remove them, but I won’t. It was part of my journey and those posts are honest to where I was at those moments.  I do have to go in and edit the tags and categories to clean that up.

I’ve been blogging for years. I don’t remember where I started. Yahoo360 maybe? It was quite awhile ago. I’ve moved several times. Most recently I moved from Blogger. I wonder if anyone out there has just had a blog on one platform?

I used to blog a lot more. I felt compelled to get the words out of me. Almost as though they were poisoning me. It never has mattered to me who or how many read my words. Oh I like to read and see comments as much as the next person, but I write to get words out of me, not in order to be read.

I’m curious. Why do you blog?


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