Raking through the Years-NaBloPoMo 10


I’m sure noone will complain to have a time out of my words, in order to see some photos? I promise he is way cuter than I am.With a giant maple tree in our yard, we see our fair share of leaves. Of course come autumn we do our fair share of raking.Ever since Troy came,he is part of this yearly ritual. As the years have passed, he sure has come to enjoy it more.


This first year Troy was 9 months old. He was quite upset when I plucked him down in the un raked leaves. This is only one where he isn’t red faced and wailing.


1 1/2 years. Here he is sporting his very first Steeler hat.  What a cutie he is. Playing in the leaves.


2 1/2.  Last year he got to help a whole lot. Troy and I did the raking ourselves. Nathan had just had serious emergency surgery and was sporting stitches and heavy pain pills.  We waited so long to rake, we had blown leaves in the front/side yard that we had to rake.


3 1/2. This year was the first year Troy wasn’t terrified of the leaf blower. He had his trusty ear muffs to keep out the sound. Isn’t Troy’s leaf blower the cutest you’ve ever seen?



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