Stress-NaBloPoMo 11


I find stress to be one of those things that creeps up on me. I feel relaxed, everything is going well. Suddenly I realize my shoulders are at my earlobes, and i’m so stressed I can’t think.

How is it that stress creeps up so fast? I used to stress about Every. Little. Thing. Now not so much. I try to get my worry out, Try to find a solution if applicable, and then let it go. No amount of stressing will solve some things. No amount of freaking will change some situations. I find that I am much more content this way, though it for sure isn’t easy at all.

Thus my journal. I put a lot of my stresses in my journal. It is a place I can go on and on as much as I need to, without fear of judgement or of people tiring of hearing me. My journal is always here for me. Always willing to listen.

Right now I find myself worrying about some things I am sure many Americans are worrying about.  Health insurance. I will NOT go into anything political here. I am just concerned about how our plan will change, if it will, and what the new laws mean for both my coverage and the amount I pay. My plan changes often, every few years it seems my husbands company changes plans. It is nothing new, just an irritation. I hate the waiting and not knowing.

I work retail in a grocery store that is open on Thanksgiving. I wonder if I will have to work and if so when. I worry about spending the day listening to the arguing of my relatives. And I think about how I wouldn’t give just about anything to spend one more thanksgiving with my grandparents.

I worry about Christmas too. Not so much about money or things.  I worry about being sure my son has a memorable christmas. I worry about how I will get through. As an abuse survivor, christmas holds some bad memories for me. Christmas trees are hard for me, sometimes celebrating is hard for me. I worry that I will have memories and how I will cope with the memories whilst juggling Troy, 2 dogs, a cat, and job.

What things are causing you the greatest stress? How do you deal with the stress?

I have started to meditate. But I will save that for another day.


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