Social media-NaBloPoMo 14


I resisted Facebook until my son was born. Then it became the simplest way to share photos.  I quickly realized how much I like it. The sense of connection it gave me. It fit into my life, having a moment here and there. It enabled me to keep in touch with people back in my hometown.

Recently I read an article in O magazine referring to the tendency to see everyone’s positive posts on social media and feel as though you don’t measure up. That your life isn’t as good. I realized that I am guilty of this. I see posts and feel inferior. I also am guilty of wasting time on social media. It is very easy to spend an hour or more on social media. Really accomplishing nothing. Having nothing to show for it at all. Then I feel even worse.  I try now to check facebook only 2 times a day and only for 10 minutes tops at a time.

I am thinking however that I need a complete break from all social media. Perhaps I will do this for the entire month of January.  The question to ask myself I think, is do I include blogging?


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