Coffee-NaBloPoMo day 16


I remember the first time I had coffee. I was in the vicinity of 3. I was at Nana/Pap’s house. Christmas time. Nana was making sandtarts. They were my favorites. I was so excited to help.

“Now we have to roll them out. But these get rolled out to 1/8 inch thick. Very thin and hard.”

“Ok Nana”

As she rolls them out, the dough tears.

“Ohhh  I hate these, damn it. Oops I shouldn’t have said that. How about if I give you some coffee of your own and you won’t mention this to Pap or your Mom.”

“Ok Nana”

And thus my love of coffee was born. I have always preferred coffee black no sugar. I honestly just love the flavor, the taste.  It used to be nearly the only thing I drank. Now I limit it to a few Travel mug fulls a day, plus an iced coffee in the afternoon. It can contribute to high anxiety and panic attacks for me, so I try hard to not have too much.

My favorite is plain old Maxwell House. Yum. I love flavored coffee too, no hazelnut please.

I find Starbucks makes the best coffee to use in Iced coffee. Though I do make my own. It’s so easy and customizable. Do you make your own iced coffee? Do you prefer coffee hot or cold?

As I have a hand tremor, I use a travel mug with a lid for coffee. No more spilling hot coffee all over myself.

The longest I have gone without coffee since I started drinking it daily at 15, was when I was pregnant. It was terribly hard but I gave up all coffee. Only 2 diet pepsi’s a day for caffeine.  I still had an occasional cup of decaf coffee when I craved it. I honestly think the flavor of decaf is different. Do you agree?





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