Tea-NaBloPoMo day 17


Most people only drink one. At least that is my thought. Growing up noone on my mom’s side really drank much tea. Nana liked it hot when she got older. Bigelow Mint Medley. I always loved the smell of it. To this day smelling that Mint Medley transports me back to Nana’s kitchen.

My abuser, my grandfather on my father’s side, drank ice tea. It was the only thing I ever saw him with. He had this big green plastic cup. It was tea stained. Lipton instant tea (i don’t really count this as even being tea, Yuck).

Growing up I didn’t drink tea of any kind. I was probably 16 before Nana convinced me to try her mint medley. In fact not only did I not drink tea, the smell, the taste made me feel physically ill and panicked. I know now that it was because I was abused. It was a smell I associated with abuse. As I grew up not remembering, I had no idea why I had this reaction.

It wasn’t until I was in therapy that I got past my hatred of tea. Tea is just a drink. Drinking it doesn’t mean I am my abuser or that I approve of what he did. It’s just a drink.

These days I drink a fair amount of tea. Both iced and hot. I don’t drink instant though. It is in fact one of the few foods that are not allowed in my house. Along with green plastic cups.

I make iced tea with tea bags. 2 family size tea bags and one mint medley per container. I drink hot tea as well. Earl grey, english breakfast, Mint medley, Good earth sweet and spicy is my new favorite.  (thanks Austin for sending me a sample of that).

Although the main purpose of my keurig was to make coffee, I use it more for tea. They have a nice selection now. Including my mint medley, and english breakfast.

Do you drink tea? Do you have a favorite? Hot or cold? Sweet or unsweet?




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  1. I can’t drink Pepsi because my mother drank Pepsi. And don’t let me see someone drink it and have a Snicker bar in their hand. I’m outta there. I used to have this horrible feeling that if I drank Pepsi then it was like my mother was in my body. Snicker bars are probably my first choice in candy bars but you’ll never see me couple it with Pepsi. I just can’t, won’t do that drink.

    I like the color gray a lot but I have a difficult time wearing it because its my mother’s favorite color. When I wear gray there’s a feeling of warmth I have but also a feeling of maturity. Colors make us feel different things and that’s what gray makes me feel when I wear it but I sometimes have difficulties with it. I will NEVER couple it with mauve. Boy those two colors look great together but it won’t ever happen, not ever.

    As many teas as I have, I’ve got over 70 different varieties from who knows how many countries, my favorite remains Earl Grey. I have the good fortune of knowing Londoners who only drink Earl Grey sent from family. There is a difference and that difference is delightful.


    • Although it stinks that we do avoid things due to association, it is nice to know i’m not the only one who does so. There is a store by me, Jungle Jim’s. It has a huge international grocery section. I need to try some British teas, I’m sure they are way better than any other teas.

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