My husband works at a company where he armors vehicles. When they get big orders he sometimes like now works overtime. He is currently working 12 1/2 hour days, as well as saturdays. You would think this is a good thing right? Who doesn’t need extra money especially when Christmas is right around the corner.

I wish it was that simple. Anyone out there who has worked overtime, knows what I am talking about. When he works overtime, his tax rate is bumped up and most of what he makes extra is taken out in taxes. It means that he ends up working all that extra time for next to nothing. It makes it extra hard for him to be motivated and to motivate those under him.

It isn’t fair. When you work extra you should be rewarded and on paper you are.  I mean you get time and a half right? Double time in some instances even. But it goes straight to uncle sam. How fair is that? It makes it not worth it at all.

When he works overtime my sister in law keeps Troy while I work, so I don’t see Nathan for days at a time. This past week I saw him tuesday then not until sunday.  It wouldn’t be as bad if the promise of a nice extra paycheck was there, but with what it ends up being. It just isn’t worth it.




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